Private Interests and Public Good

Learn how to solve today's social problems by focusing on that space where private and public interests intersect and where the relationship between them is continuously being defined, examined and reimagined.


median salary range for lobbyists, political scientists and consultants, top government leaders (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012).

The Program


The PIPG program is a unique combination of the study of political science, history, sustainability, economics, philosophy, innovative design and technology.


Our interdisciplinary approach gives students technical and analytical skills in research methods, economic analysis and communication techniques needed to address and resolve the many social issues facing the world today.


Classwork and field study expose students to a network of community-engaged leaders and professionals from diverse fields: nonprofits, corporations, public policy, health care, education, and media both inside and outside the classroom.


Students in the PIPG program have the opportunity to apply for the Michael F. Ford scholarship in their second year to help pursue their field experience.

Michael Ford Scholarship


Our faculty are some of the most helpful and engaging individuals. Our faculty are teachers first and will work closely with you to help guide your education.


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board actively engages with the PIPG Program. They each mentor students and help connect the program with opportunities in the community.

Advisory Board

Career Trajectories

The value of this broad and experiential program is its adaptability and applicability to multiple realms of private interests and public good. 

As a graduate of the program, you will be able to articulate your vision; design and develop innovative systems; critically engage with and begin to solve complex problems; make decisions based on careful planning and evaluation of risk; and effectively communicate.

As a student, you'll apply your knowledge and expertise to pressing and interesting problems through a chosen experiential project that takes the form of a 'field experience' and a 'thesis.'

You will improve your abilities within your field and enter new fields that are at the intersection of private and public, like the government and politics sector, corporate sector, and nonprofit sector.

The Master's program in ‘Private Interests and the Public Good’ is specifically designed to:

  • Articulate core theoretical concepts that provide contextual understanding for the public sphere along with the debates and relationships between private interest and common good.
  • Develop the skills necessary to analyze and understand economic and political issues and policy.
  • Recognize components of and processes related to public issues and politics.
  • Create original and applicable research through quantitative and qualitative research methods and data analysis techniques.
  • Understand and enact effective communication through appropriate media platforms, including social media.
  • Evaluate the advantages, complexities, and limitations of emerging technologies as well as the social issues they raise.
  • Create valuable public-private partnerships focused on innovation and efficiency.


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