Office of the President

2022 Strategic Plan

Xavier is embarking to build its next strategic plan. Beginning with President Hanycz's listening sessions with the Xavier community and building on the university’s mission, vision and values, this process will incorporate inputs from campus constituencies and from the community that Xavier serves.

Thank you all who responded to the Strategic Planning Survey. Over 375 Xavier employees responded with their aspirations for Xavier in the next five years, including over 125 who indicated a willingness to be directly involved in planning. There will be multiple opportunities for this engagement in the coming months at various stages of the planning process.

Read Dr. Hanycz's January 10 letter to the campus community

Read the May 2022 Draft of Five Aspirational Themes

Leadership and Structure

  • Rashmi Assudani, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs (co-chair) 
  • Rachel Chrastil, Provost and Chief Academic Officer (co-chair) 
  • Becky Cull, General Counsel (co-chair) 
  • Gary Lewandowski, Professor, Computer Science (process coordinator)
  • Ivy Banks, VP for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Greg Christopher, VP for Administration
  • Dalia Diab, Associate Professor, Psychology (CPS) 
  • Molly Dugan, Director of Student Integrity and SAC Chair 
  • Dave Johnson, Associate Provost for Student Affairs 
  • Debbie Knapp, Teaching Professor, Nursing (CN) 
  • Kerry Murphy, Major Gifts Officer, Development
  • Kelly Pokrywka, Associate VP for Enrollment Management and Student Success 
  • Annie Ray, Associate Professor, Biology (CAS) 
  • Sean Rhiney, Director of the Eigel Center for Community-Engaged Learning 
  • Amit Sen, Professor, Economics (WCB) 
  • Joe Shadle, Director of the Center for Mission and Identity 
  • Bob Sheeran, VP for Facilities
  • Dustin Thorn, Associate Professor, Sport Science and Management and Faculty Committee Chair

In addition, Idea Labs (formerly known as working groups) will address the five aspirational themes identified through the Strategic Planning Process.

Idea Labs

Advancing the Common Good

  • Mich Nyawalo, Associate Professor, RIGS (co-chair) 
  • Sean Rhiney Director, Eigel Center (co-chair) 
  • Karen Eutsler, Teaching Professor, Marketing 
  • Shannon Hughes, Senior Assistant Director, Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice 
  • Monica Human, Manager, Procurement Operations 
  • Christine Mueller, Instruction & Reference Librarian 
  • Leslie Rasmussen, Associate Professor, Communication 
  • Vanessa Rigaud, Assistant Professor, Montessori 
  • Glenn Welling, Senior Advisor, Veteran and Military Family Center

Leveraging Our Academic Strengths

  • Dalia Diab, Associate Professor, School of Psychology (co-chair) 
  • Mary Kochlefl, Assistant Provost for Online and Continuous Learning (co-chair) 
  • Debbie Knapp, Teaching Professor, Nursingju 
  • Lisa Jutte, Professor, Department of Sport Science & Management 
  • Lea Minniti, Executive Director of Student Support Services 
  • Annie Ray, Associate Professor, Biology 
  • Brett Stowell, Teaching Professor, BAIS 

Delivering a Transformative Student Experience

  • Tina Davlin-Pater, Associate Professor, Department of Sport Science & Management (co-chair) 
  • Jean Griffin, Dean of Students (co-chair) 
  • Abby King-Kaiser, Director, Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice 
  • Mollie Labeda, Assistant Director of Student Success and Academic Advising 
  • Kat Morris, Associate Professor, Biology 
  • Richie Liu, Assistant Professor, Marketing 
  • Amit Sen, Professor, Economics 

Building Institutional Agility and Strength

  • Tim Kruse, Associate Professor, Finance (co-chair) 
  • Nathalie Panczuk, Director, IT / Project Management Office (co-chair) 
  • Eileen Alexander, Associate Professor, Health Services Administration 
  • Greg Christopher, Vice President for Administration and Director of Athletics 
  • Paul Fellinger, Director, Veteran and Military Family Center 
  • Angie Liggett, Assistant Professor of Forensic Nursing 
  • Kerry Murphy, Major Gifts Officer, Development 
  • Kelly Pokrywka, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Success 
  • Victor Ronis-Tobin, Director, Center for Population Health 
  • Emily Shipley, Director, Office of Institutional Research 
  • Lindsey Steller, Director of Territory Management, Undergraduate Admission 

Caring for Our People Through Inclusive Excellence

  • Ivy Banks, VP OIDI (co-chair)
  • Marcie Lensges, Assistant Professor, Management & Entrepreneurship (co-chair) 
  • Adam Clark, Associate Professor, Theology 
  • Suparna Chatterjee, Associate Professor, Sustainability 
  • Molly Dugan, Director of Student Integrity and SAC Chair 
  • Cassandra Jones, Director, Disability Services 
  • Angie Kneflin, Director of Care Management Services 
  • Kate Lawson, Title IX and Interpersonal Violence Response Coordinator 
  • Linda Schoenstedt, Professor, Sport Science & Management Programs 
  • Joseph Shadle, Director, The Center for Mission and Identity 
  • Jill Woods, HR Generalist, Office of Human Resources 
  • Aleshia Zoogah, Administrative Assistant, Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

Process Overview

Fall 2021-early 2022: President's Listening Sessions for Themes of Excellence

  • Staff and faculty identify Spires of Excellence and Aspirations for our future.
  • Data from these listening sessions will drive and inform the development of the Goal and Aspiration statements in the high-level strategic plan.

January: Identify Strategic Planning Steering Committee

  • January 10 Announcement
  • January 10-17 Survey of Interest and Skills to campus community
  • Identify Steering Committee members, to meet regularly through spring 2022
  • Gather external and internal information

January-February: Identify Aspirations

  • Aspirations: What we want Xavier to be, to do, to have, in five years
  • Develop 5-15 draft Aspirations
  • Share with Community as February ends

February: Identify Barriers and Future States (These are steps toward identifying Initiatives)

  • Monday, February 21, 3:00-4:30: Strategic Planning Town Hall – Cintas Center: Duff Banquet Center
  • Wednesday, March 2, 2:30-3:30: Zoom Town Hall (repeats content from Feb. 21)
  • Work with existing cross-functional teams to identify barriers to our aspirations and, conversely, the future state we’d like to achieve

March: Develop a set of candidate Initiatives

  • Monday, March 14, 3:00-4:30: President’s Convocation – Strategic Planning update
  • Identify Initiatives that will help us achieve the Future State and thus, each Aspiration and our overall Goal
  • What moves the needle? What cuts across Aspirations? How will we know what success looks like?
  • Monday, March 28, 3:00-4:30: Town Hall – Cintas Center: Duff Banquet Center
  • Wednesday, April 6, 4:00-5:00: Town Hall – Zoom

April: Community Feedback on revised Goal, Aspirations and Initiatives

  • Share the refined Goal and Aspirations and initial Initiative list for feedback
  • Survey of interest in volunteering for Working Group
  • Develop Working Groups

May: Board and Community Town Halls

  • For the Board: Overall Goal, Our Aspirations, Broad sense of Initiatives
  • Idea Labs develop potential initiatives
  • Tuesday, May 24, 12:30-2:00 Town Hall (via Zoom). Focus on two themes:
    • Leveraging our Academic Strengths
    • Advancing the Common Good
    • Additional opportunities for feedback will be provided for those unable to attend the Town Hall
  • Tuesday, May 31, 3:00-5:00 Town Hall (via Zoom). Focus on three themes:
    • Delivering a Transformative Student Experience
    • Building Institutional Agility and Strength
    • Caring for Our People through Inclusive Excellence and Belonging
    • Additional opportunities for feedback will be provided for those unable to attend the Town Hall

June-July 2022

  • Idea Labs complete their proposals for initiatives with feedback from Town Halls
  • June-July Senior Leadership Council reviews proposals for initiatives

Fall 2022: Year 1

  • Monday, August 15, time TBD: Town Hall for final feedback
  • Late September: Board Approval
  • Begin implementation