Population Health

The Health United Building at Xavier

Made possible, in part, by a unique partnership with TriHealth, the Health United Building embraces the health and well-being of all students on campus and will be a significant advance for the College, whose academic departments will be largely based within the new $54 million structure.

Construction of the HUB ushers in a new era for students of the College and the entire University. When it opens in the fall of 2019, students in the health professions will, for the first time in the history of the University, be together in common state-of-the-art teaching and learning spaces. They will have the opportunity to interact with one another across academic disciplines and engage in interprofessional teaming exercises. In so doing they will be better prepared to serve our communities and our citizens.

The HUB will also be the new headquarters for our longstanding Health Services Administration academic program. For the first time, the HSA program will have a home of its own and a unique space on the fourth floor of the building named in honor of former director Edward J. Arlinghaus. Alumni of the program, who benefited from his leadership, are being asked to contribute to the $1.5 million cost of its construction.

The HUB is also the focal point for the newly launched Center for Population Health, now poised to coordinate and deliver the latest developments in the field of Interprofessional Collaboration and Education as it applies to the health of both individuals and society. The University is seeking $5 million to name the center and support the cost of operations.

Xavier faculty are also collaborating with TriHealth leaders on an Academic Innovations Partnership to develop courses that give students educational experiences in TriHealth health-care and other community settings. Everyone, from students to the community, stands to benefit.