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Process, considerations, actions, and templates

The manual outlines much of the process that is followed when writing or revising a Xavier University policy that impacts employees. Every policy creation/revision process is slightly different, depending to whom the policy applies and on the sensitivities of the policy content itself. Except as provided in the Faculty Handbook, anytime a policy revision process starts, the policy owner should follow the guidelines/process that are outlined in this resource.

Most procedural modifications that are included in policies are minor updates (often department specific) and would not need to follow such a formal process, although, careful thought and consideration around communication is essential.

This Policy Library is intended to provide all University employees with a listing of Xavier University's official policies. A policy is a deliberate plan of action to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes for an organization. In this case, they are Xavier's written statements that communicate management's intent, objectives, requirements, responsibilities, and/or standards. While some guidelines exist at Xavier to provide a way to streamline particular processes or suggest advice or instructions, these items are official university policies and have been approved by Xavier's Cabinet for all employees.

For convenience for campus policy development users, the one-page Policy Approval Form as well as the complete Policy Development Manual, can be downloaded here: