The transition to college life is difficult on both the student and the parents. Student safety is a concern of parents and new students. We hope that this page will help new students and parents make smart choices when dealing with student safety.

Ten Things All Incoming Students Should Know About Campus Safety

  1. Always lock your residence hall room door when you are not there. The majority of thefts from residence halls are from unsecured rooms.
  2. Never leave electronic equipment unattended. Laptops, cell phones and PDA's all are easy to conceal and can be disposed of quickly.
  3. Never leave textbooks unattended. Textbook theft is a major crime on campus. Textbooks can be sold back to other bookstores or websites for quick cash.
  4. Bring a small safe or lock box to campus for your valuables. Look into renters insurance from your parent's insurance agent. Often this is an inexpensive way to protect items you bring to campus.
  5. Use the shuttle instead of walking alone at night.
  6. Always lock your vehicle and remove all valuables from it. Theft from vehicles is a crime of opportunity.
  7. Remember that alcohol impairs your judgment and it increases your chances of being a victim of a crime.
  8. Don't flash your cash.
  9. Be a tough target, walk with assurance and common sense. Criminals want an easy target not a tough target.
  10. Only bring the items that you will need. Leave large electronics, jewelry and other valuables at home. Bring smaller stereos and televisions.

Opportunity crime is a major crime on many campuses, these tips are designed to help prevent a new student from being a victim.

Call the Xavier University Police if you see anything that looks suspicious immediately. The number is 513 745-1000.