Physical Plant Policies

Campus Maintenance and Improvement Policy

Since Physical Plant has been charged with the overall responsibility for campus building maintenance, only Physical Plant is authorized to perform building maintenance, painting, remodeling, or construction work.


Smoking is prohibited (with the exception of events that have designated smoking areas) in:

  1. Enclosed university buildings and within at least 25 feet of any building entrance, exit, vent and fresh air intake grill.
  2. Exterior landings, interior building courtyards, patios, and balconies.
  3. Areas where flammable gases, liquids, or other volatile materials are located or stored.
  4. Areas in which a fire or safety hazard may exist.
  5. University-owned vehicles.
  6. Employees who violate this policy may face disciplinary action. 

Members of the university community, if they are comfortable doing so, are encouraged to advise individuals who are smoking in prohibited areas of this policy.

Driver's License

An employee whose job responsibilities require driving must possess a valid driver?s license.

The Physical Plant has the authority to prohibit an employee from operating vehicles or motorized equipment on the job if any question exists about the validity of his or her driver?s license.

Flexible Employment

The Physical Plant will strive to accommodate reasonable requests for flexible working arrangements, such as job sharing, part-time, and seasonal. The needs of the University are paramount in any flexible work arrangement.


  • Uniform ElementsOnly items on uniform order  form are Xavier approved for purchase. The mandatory uniform elements will consist of a gray polo shirt (long sleeve or short sleeve), approved seasonal gray T-shirt, navy trousers/shorts, navy cargo short or navy cargo pant, jacket, sweatshirt, belt and a hat if desired. Each employee is expected to be in uniform every time they report for regularly scheduled work whether regular tour or overtime.
  • Uniform Maintenance: Each employee is expected to clean and maintain their uniforms. Washing instructions are sewn into each garment. Employees are expected to be neat (shirt tails tucked in) and clean (uniforms laundered on a regular basis). Approved gray T-shirt may be worn from the 1st Monday after Final exams until the Thursday before Manresa. If an employee fails to report to work in uniform they will not be permitted to work and depending on circumstances further disciplinary action may result. Supervision may require permanently soiled or badly worn garments to be retired from service.
  • Uniform Purchase and Replacement:
    Uniforms will be ordered on the attached order form once a year. Each employee will be responsible for managing their clothing allowance to insure that they have sufficient uniforms to report for work neat, clean and in uniform each day.
  • Employees Leaving the University: Uniforms are the property of the University. An employee who resigns or is terminated may be required to turn in all uniforms at the discretion of the University, the same as with any other University owned property. Missing uniform replacement cost will be deducted from the employee's last check.

Utility Vehicle Policy