Building Exterior

Building Exterior

Physical Plant maintains the roofing systems on all campus buildings. The roofing systems include all flashing, gutters, and downspouts. Physical Plant follows the listed action items to maintain all roofing systems.

Action Items

  1. Perform routine roof inspections.
  2. Keep roofs clean and free of debris.
  3. Keep drainage systems clear.
  4. Inspection of flashing, gutters, and downspouts.
  5. Keep roof access limited to authorized personnel to minimize foot traffic.

Please report any roof leaks to the Physical Plant Office 745-3151.

Physical Plant maintains the building envelope on all campus buildings.

The building envelope includes:

  • Brick masonry: Brick or Block exterior walls are inspected regularly for failed/aging mortar joints. Debonding, cracked/spalled brick, and efflorescence/water staining are indicators of deterioration.
  • Stone and pre-cast concrete: The exterior joints are inspected to assure a seal between individual panels; between windows, frames, and exterior walls; and between any two or more building envelope components. We evaluate the integrity of the panel anchoring systems in addition to sealant joints.
  • Glass curtain walls and window systems: Inspection of window gaskets or sealants for splits, breaks, or openings, as these are sources of air and water infiltration. Surrounding exterior walls or mullions are also inspected for signs of deterioration such as rusting or deformation.
  • Dryvit Systems: Inspection of the surface for any cracks or holes the expansion joints are also inspected for signs of deterioration.