The Academic Mall Piping project entails replacement of all hot water (heating) and chilled water (cooling) piping along the length of the Academic Mall. The project began and continued while classes were in session and was scheduled to be completed by August 1, 2011.

The existing heating and cooling distribution system was leaking. Replacing the piping with insulated steel piping will not only reduce operational costs by repairing the leaks, but will connect Logan, Albers and Gallagher, etc., to the new, more energy efficient Central Utility Plant. It will also allow Xavier to retire older HVAC equipment in Logan.

To complete this project, certain pathways along the Academic Mall were closed and foot traffic was diverted. The piping runs under the Academic Mall closest to the east side of the mall. Therefore, the walkways along the east side of the mall (those closest to Alter and McDonald), were closed for the duration of the project. There was access to Alter and McDonald from the mall; however, there were times when the work required that those entry ways be shut down for a brief period. Handicapped access was maintained. The walkways along the west side of the mall (those closest to Hinkle and Schmidt) were open for the duration of the project. New piping was also installed from McDonald across the mall to Hinkle and Schmidt. Pedestrian traffic was diverted during those times.

Hot water heat was not available during the duration of the project. Air conditioning was available as usual with some minor disruptions.

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Jim Bergen