Department of Physics

Summer and Senior Research

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Summer Research 

Each summer, several students perform research with Xavier faculty, funded in part through the generosity of the John Hauck Foundation. Our summer research community fosters and promotes dialogue and exchange of ideas between all student and faculty members. Consequently, students are able to achieve the three main goals of our summer research program: to hone their research skills by learning topics not taught in the classroom, to enhance their ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner, and to feed their enthusiasm for studying science.

Senior Research

The Physics Research (PHYS 395) and Physics Thesis (PHYS398) courses are capstone experiences designed to give students an opportunity of applying the scientific method toward an independent and creative exploration of a topic in physics that is of interest to them. This exploration can be a new endeavor, or the continuation of an ongoing project in which the student has been involved. Students are expected to complete the majority of their research during the fall semester, thereby allowing them sufficient time to focus on the presentation of their result during the spring semester.

Outstanding Research in Physics Award

The physics faculty presents the student deemed to have performed the highest quality independent research with an Outstanding Research in Physics Award. Recipients of this award are presented below:

2012 - Tim Horton

2013 - Jake Heath

2014 - Teckla Akinyi


2014 - Ben Kelty and Michael Crowe

2015 - William O'Meara

2015 - Vince Shaw

2016 - Patrick Gemperline

2017 - Anthony Plochocki

2017 - Alex Nahas

2018 - Ryan Caliguri

2020 - Colin Terry