Department of Physics

Funding Opportunities

The physics department fully funds all approved student research projects, covering the costs of all necessary equipment, materials and supplies. The physics department also covers all travel, lodging and meal expenses for any student it sends on its behalf to a regional or national conference.

Several funding options exist for students seeking salary for a research experience during the summer term. Details and application deadlines will be announced in the Spring semester. For more information on potential projects, see Dr. Fatuzzo, Dr. Link, Dr. Morris, Dr. Raad, Dr. Schmitzer, or Dr. Wessels.

John Hauck Foundation Student Research Program

The department of physics typically offers 3 - 4 summer research fellowships each year. The awards are for $4000 plus a $1000 housing allowance (for students who need to live on campus or rent an apartment) and are provided by a grant from the John Hauck Foundation. A successful applicant is expected to spend a total of 400 hours during the summer working in close cooperation with a physics faculty member on a project of mutual interest. The work is full time (40 hours per week), and students are expected to be on campus as required by the faculty member with whom they are working with. Students are also expected to attend a weekly meeting with other research students, and present the results of their efforts at the Xavier Summer Research Symposium and to first year students in Explorations I during the Fall semester. Students cannot be enrolled in a June or July summer course, but can enroll in an intersession course.

Borcer Research Grants

Through the generous support of the Borcer Fund, the physics department typically offers two research fellowships every summer term. The award supports a 10 week, half- time research appointment (200 hours total). During the summer, students work closely with a faculty adviser on a research project of interest to them. Students are expected to present the results of their efforts at the Xavier Summer Research Symposium and to first-year students in Explorations I during the Fall semester.

University of Rochester Institute of Optics Research Grant

Through a partnership between Xavier University and the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester, the physics department typically invites one student each spring semester to conduct a summer research project with a faculty member at the University of Rochester. The award is for $2975 plus a $1000 housing allowance (for a total of $3975). The duration of the project is expected to last between 8 - 10 weeks, and requires a student commitment of 350 hours (although some of the work can be done at Xavier University). To be eligible for consideration, a student must have a gpa of 3.5 or greater and be enrolled in (or have completed) Physical Optics. The student is expected to present the results of their efforts to first-year students in Explorations I during the Fall semester.

Hourly Research Program

The physics department typically hires 3 - 5 students each summer to work on research with a faculty adviser. Students can work as many hours as fits their schedule, but cannot exceed a total of 200 hours for the summer. The flexibility of this program allows students to couple a summer research experience with other activities such as summer course work or a study abroad program.

External Funding Opportunities

Xavier students have had good success in obtaining external funding to conduct research. Great opportunities can be found at the following site: National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates.