Department of Physics


Xavier Wearable Electronics Research Center

Let's create the future of Wearable and Flexible Technology together!

At the Xavier Wearable Electronics Research Center (XWERC) we are doing exciting things, and we welcome the opportunity of sharing that excitement with you! We are here to develop the next generation of wearable and flexible electronics that enable innovative robotics, aerospace, biomedical, and environmental applications by applying engineering and physics concepts.

We use state of the art tools to model, fabricate and test our own designs in our fully equipped research center. We employ theory and validate it using numerical simulation, prototyping and practical testing.

Our XWERC comprises the following 5 research areas:

  • Wearable and Flexible Technology for Telecommunication Systems, and Biomedical, Robotics, and Aerospace Applications
  • Wireless and Mobile Communication Systems, Antennas, and RF Systems
  • Fabrication of Modern Printed Electronics, Sensors, and 3D Printing
  • Embedded Systems, Robotics, and Microcontroller Based Applications
  • Semiconductor Materials and Devices


The intersections and links between these research areas enable us to consistently advance innovative research projects and address application-oriented demands from both the community and the industry.

The application domains covered by our research involve a wide spectrum of areas such as: healthcare, sustainable energy, remote sensing, forensics, communication, soft robots, smart assistance, security, entertainment, environmental sensing, photovoltaics, and wearable and implantable electronics.


List of Equipment at XWERC:

  • Fujifilm Dimatix 2800 Material Printer.
  • Makerbot Z-18 Replicator 3D Printer.
  • Custom made Thin Film Thermal Deposition System
  • Photolithography facility
  • Keysight Field Fox N9914A RF Network Analyzer 10MHz - 6.5 GHz with Electronic Cal Kit
  • Compact Reconfigurable Antennas Measurement Platform (700MHz - 6 GHz)
  • Diamond Engineering DAMS 5000 antenna positioner (DC - 6 GHz)
  • Industrial Oven
  • PC Workstations equipped with:
    • CST Microwave Studio
    • Solid Work
    • PSPICE
    • MATLAB and Simulink

For more information contact Dr. Haider Raad at [email protected]