Department of Physics

Electronics Engineering Minor

The Minor in Electronics Engineering aims at teaching students the fundamentals of electronics engineering and introducing them to the exciting applications of modern electronics. The minor is designed to provide students a foundation to explore specialized topics in electronics engineering such as Electrical Circuit Analysis, Semi-conductor Electronics, Digital Logic Circuits, Microprocessors, Communication Theory, and Control Systems.   Students will also have an opportunity to be involved in one of the ongoing projects at Xavier Wearable Electronics Research Center (XWERC).

The Electronics Engineering Minor requires 20 credit hours as follows:

  • 4 credit hours of math pre-requisites:
    • MATH 170 - Calculus I
  • 13 credit hours of introductory physics and engineering courses: 
    • ENGR 173 - Explorations in Engineering
    • PHYS 242 and 243 - Circuit Analysis and Design Experience
    • ENGR 180 - Introduction to MATLAB
    • ENGR 244 and 245 - Electronics and Design Experience
    • ENGR 350 - Digital Logic and Design
  • 3 credit hours of one of the following upper division elective courses:
    • ENGR 354 - Microprocessors
    • ENGR 346 and 347 - Signals and Systems and Design Experience
    • ENGR 358 - Communication Systems
    • ENGR 380 - Control Systems
  • a 2.000 cumulative average must be attained in these courses.