Department of Physics

Applied Physics

What is Applied Physics?

The applied physics program is designed to provide a broad education in the physical sciences, mathematics, and liberal arts, along with specialized training for students interested in engineering, medical school, health sciences, education, business, social sciences, or the humanities.

Why Applied Physics at Xavier?

The applied physics program at Xavier has small classes and provides a close interaction between faculty and students.

The Engineering Concentration prepares students for a career in engineering. Students with this concentration can transition into the following Master programs at the University of Cincinnati:

  • Material Science Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering

With the right combination of program electives and free electives, students can transition into the following Master programs at the University of Cincinnati:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

In short, Applied Physics at Xavier offers:

  • The flexibility to pursue multiple academic interests
  • A strong community that encourages team work
  • Active research laboratories that offer undergraduate research opportunities
  • Physics in a liberal arts setting which strengthens logical and communicative skills alike

Career Options

Your career options with a bachelor degree in applied physics are countless. The applied physics education at Xavier can prepare you for graduate study in multiple STEM fields, medical school, law school or business school. As a graduate from a very rigorous STEM field and a concentration in another area, you can also directly enter the professional world and find a job in research laboratories, financial business and many other areas. Our graduates have a high success rate of reaching their career goals when they graduate. Employers tell us that our graduates are unique because they combine the ability to think logically with the ability to communicate with others in a team oriented way. Career options include:

  • Advanced degrees in physics, engineering or physics education
  • Advanced degrees in Mathematics or Computer Science
  • Laboratory technician
  • Product manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Data analyst

Course Sequence

The four-year course sequence for the applied physics major can be found on the Xavier Applied Physics Fact Page.