Department of Physics

The Notre Dame ESTEEM Program

The Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Master's (ESTEEM) program at the University of Notre Dame is an 11 month professional Master's Degree program that emphasizes entrepreneurship - and specifically - the commercialization of research-based technology.

Each academic year, the University of Notre Dame reserves a maximum of two (2) seats in the ESTEEM program for students who have received a Bachelors degree from Xavier University. While the program intentionally recruits undergraduate STEM majors (applied biology, applied chemistry, applied physics, biology, biophysics, chemical science, chemistry, computer science, engineering physics, environmental science, mathematics, natural sciences, and physics), it is also open to "tech-savvy" students from other disciplines who possess a strong technical foundation of knowledge and skills as evidenced by:

  • A STEM related minor
  • A strong academic record in technical coursework (i.e., Mathematics, Statistics, etc.)
  • A robust technical research experience
  • An internship / job experience in a technical / technology-related field
  • Solid familiarity with software and technical / technology tools

To be eligible for consideration for the reserved seats, Xavier University students must meet the following criteria and submit their completed admissions application for early decision consideration by December 5:

  • An overall GPA of 3.4 or above;
  • Standardized Test Scores of at minimum:
    • 156 Verbal and 155 Quantitative on the GRE; or
    • 32 on the MCAT; or
    • 620 on the GMAT.
  • A written recommendation of the Dean or department chair as one of the three (3) required recommendations for admissions.

Any candidate who fails to meet the above criteria or who is not selected for admission to the reserved seats may apply through Notre Dame's normal process during the academic year (admissions' deadlines are available on ESTEEM). Notre Dame will continue to give normal consideration to any Xavier University students who:

  • Have completed, or are on track to complete, their undergraduate degree with a strong record of academic achievement;
  • Submit standardized test scores (GRE preferred, MCAT and GMAT accepted) that meet ESTEEM's minimum standards;
  • Submit a completed application for admissions along with the required essays, three letters of recommendation, official standardized test scores, and transcripts.

The ESTEEM program offers both merit based and need-based scholarships, and automatically consider merit based scholarships when reviewing applications.

For more information, please contact Dr. Marco Fatuzzo, Chair of the Physics Department at Xavier University, and visit the ESTEEM Program.