For First Year Students


Developed to help you discover the potential to succeed in your first year at Xavier University.

Peer Mentors will serve as a resource, advocate, and role model to help in your transition through the Goa First Year Journey program.

You will have opportunities to meet with your Peer Mentor to ensure that you have the tools to succeed.

They can connect you to offices on campus that can help academically, or provide you with the support to get involved and become a part of the larger Xavier community. 

For Upper Class Students


Be a resource, advocate, and role model for first year students.

Equip your mentees with the knowledge and skills to thrive here at Xavier University through serving as a Mentor in a Goa class.

Develop and grow in your leadership skills. As well as become more knowledgeable about the resources available to the students of Xavier University.  

Strengthen the overall Xavier Community by welcoming and integrating each new student into the Xavier Experience.