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X-Flex Payment Plan

Note: The payment plan allows you to pay in installments; it does not automatically draft money from an account or credit card.

The current payment plan available to use is the X-Flex Payment Plan where students can spread their balance out over the course of a semester.  For the Fall and Spring semesters, students have the option to enroll in the 5 installment payment plan. For the Summer semester, there is only a 2 installment payment plan. 

If a student is going to make monthly installment payments, the minimum amount that must be paid each month is the amount shown on the student's X-Flex Payment Plan schedule. Installment payments are scheduled in this manner:

Payment Plan Options

Plan Installment Due Dates Enrollment Fee
Fall X-Flex 5 July 25, August 25, September 25, October 25, and November 25 $50.00
Spring X-Flex 5 December 26, January 25, February 25, March 25, and April 25 $50.00
Summer X-Flex 2 May 25 and June 25 $45.00

 IMPORTANT NOTES: 1) Students must be enrolled in the X-Flex Payment Plan if the bill is not paid in full by the payment deadline 2) Graduating students will not receive their diplomas until their payment plan is paid in full. 

The enrollment fee each semester is due and payable upon enrollment into the X-Flex Payment Plan. Please note that the monthly payment amount is subject to change based upon the student's behaviors/decisions. For example, the student may decide to move from a double room to a single room. This decision will create a charge to be put on the student's bursar account since a single room is more expensive than a double. As a result, the payment plan will automatically adjust by taking that charge, dividing it by the number of payments remaining on the X-Flex Plan and adding that incremental amount to the monthly amount due. Likewise, the opposite is true. If the student moves from a single room to a double and receives a credit for moving from a more expensive room into a less expensive room, then the X-Flex Plan will automatically recalculate the monthly payment amount and the payment should decrease. Best practices suggest that you check your payment plan payment schedule each month prior to making a payment so you can pay no less than the scheduled payment amount.

If any balance is due and unpaid, the student will be charged a late fee of 1% on the amount that is due and unpaid. Late fees will be assessed on the 28th of each month (or prior business day).

Late Fees

Late fees will be assessed if a student is late in making the required payment on their bursar account. The dollar amount of the late fee will be determined by the type of payment option the student selected.

If the student has opted not to enroll in the X-Flex Payment Plan and therefore, plans to pay their bursar account balance in full each month on or before the Due Date but they don't pay on time, then the late fee will be 1% of the amount that is due and unpaid which is the total remaining balance. The late fee will be assessed on the 28th of each month (or prior business day).

If, on the other hand, the student has opted to enroll in the X-Flex Payment Plan, the Late Fee will be 1% of the amount that is due and unpaid which typically is one payment but could be more if the student is past due more than one month. The Late Fee will be assessed on the 28th of each month (or prior business day).

It's important to note that if a payment is posted to a student's bursar account on the same day that a late fee is posted, the late fee will not be reversed since a) this is a timing issue and b) the Due Date for the payment was the 25th of the month.

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