Off-Campus Living serves Xavier University students who live off-campus, who are not traditional commuter students. The office and staff are a resource for off-campus students and advocate for the unique needs and challenges of this student population. 

Our staff consists Cindy Lowman Stieby, Assistant Director of Residence Life, who is located in the Office of Residence Life at Musketeer Mezzanine. 

We are excited to continue to get to know all of our commuters and are working hard to advocate for their unique needs here on Xavier's campus.

If there is anything we can do for you, feel free to call (513) 745-3203 or email us at

On this website you will find information regarding off-campus housing available for rent, information about moving off-campus, and other helpful off-campus student resources.

Information regarding available off-campus housing is maintained by Off-Campus Living. This information is maintained throughout the calendar year and is provided as a service to Xavier students. The properties listed are not endorsed by the University.