Occupational Therapy

Student Clubs and University Supports

Whereas the Mission of Xavier University is to prepare students for a diverse world, and, whereas Vision 2025 of the Occupational Therapy profession is to be inclusive, and, whereas the Mission of the Department of Occupational Therapy is to advocate for justice, the Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program welcomes students who represent diverse identities or have an infinity for typically under-represented groups. Accordingly, the Program is proud that Xavier encourages relationship building so everyone feels Xavier is their home from degree start through completion.

The following lists student clubs & programs offered by Xavier.

  1. Age - Adult and Professional Education (APEX)
  2. Sexual Orientation - LGBTQ+ Alliance, Queeries Support Group
  3. Gender identity - BRAVE: Gender-Based Violence Prevention, Empower XU, Gentleman Organized for Achievement and Leadership, Girls Up XU, Ladies with Emphasis on Achievement & Distinction, Network of Enlightened Women , Women in Business, Collective Support Group
  4. Race - Asian & American Students In Action, Black Care Club, Black Student Association, Hispanic Organization and LatinX Awareness, Minority Healthcare Leadership Association, National Association of Black Accountants
  5. Disability - Autism Speaks U, College Diabetes Network, Colleges Against Cancer, Exceptional Student Assembly, Invisible Disabilities Club, Sign Language Club, Office of Disability Services, Student Success Center
  6. FinancesOffice of Student Financial Services, TRIO
  7. Religion - Coalition for Christian Outreach, God is for Today’s Students, Life After Sunday, Muslim Student Association, Mission and Identity, Dorothy Day Center for Faith & Justice
  8. Health/Wellness - Student Wellness Advocacy Group, Institute for Healthcare Improvement Chapter, Student Wellness Advocacy Group, SWEAT, Xavier Has A Heart, Health & Counseling Services, Student Wellbeing Services
  9. Ancestry - African Student Association, French Club, German Club, Italian Club, Spanish Club, Citizens of the World, Unified for Uganda, Center for International Education, TRIO
  10. Military status – Student Veterans of Xavier, Center for Veteran’s Affairs
  11. Political beliefs – College Democrats, College Republicans, Political Science Club, Xavier Socialists, Young Americans for Liberty

Additional supports include:

  • Mentoring opportunities include participation in an ongoing Professional Mentoring program or an intermittent Flash Mentoring one.
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship information is available not only via Xavier’s website but as well on the websites of the American Occupational Therapy Association and the Ohio Occupational Therapy Association.
  • Off-campus living opportunities are wide and varied. To assist in finding a roommate or search for housing, Xavier’s Off-Campus Housing website is a helpful resource.
  • Part-time job employment opportunities for occupational therapy students are typically plentiful including but not limited to a graduate assistantship, student employment, and positions as advertised via Handshake, an online job/internship board. Plus, the Program forwards job openings to students at the rate of 5-10 per month from local hospitals and/or persons needing caretaking services. Additionally, a Day #1 on-campus employment fair occurs annually and the Career Development Office holds monthly part-time job fairs.
  • Commuter Services include advocacy and the availability of peer mentoring along with on-campus events/program, posting of activities to a Board, and on-campus lounge space.

Occupational therapy groups at the national level also provide support & encourage students to join:

  • Asian/Pacific Heritage Occupational Therapy Association;
  • brOT Movement;
  • Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity;
  • National Black Occupational Therapy Caucus:
  • Network for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns in Occupational Therapy;
  • Network of Occupational Therapy Practitioners With Disabilities and Their Supporters;
  • Occupational Therapy Network for Native Americans;
  • Orthodox Jewish Occupational Therpay Chavrusa;
  • Terapia Ocupacional para Diversidad, Oportunidad, y Solidaridad (Network of Hispanic Practitioners)

Upon enrollment, students automatically become a part of Xavier’s family. Support is ongoing and upon graduation, students remain a part of the Xavier family forever. What a great way to start a career!                                             

Xavier’s Mission

Xavier is a Jesuit Catholic university rooted in the liberal arts tradition. Our mission is to educate each student intellectually, morally, and spiritually. We create learning opportunities through rigorous academic and professional programs integrated with co-curricular engagement. In an inclusive environment of open and free inquiry, we prepare students for a world that is increasingly diverse, complex and interdependent. Driven by our commitment to educating the whole person, promoting the common good, and serving others, the Xavier community challenges and supports all our members as we cultivate lives of reflection, compassion and informed action.

AOTA’s Vision 2025

As an inclusive profession, occupational therapy maximizes health, well-being, and quality of life for all people, populations, and communities through effective solutions that facilitate participation in everyday living.

OTD Program Mission

Our Mission is to educate and prepare future occupational therapists who respond to the occupational needs of a diverse, complex, interdependent, and ever-changing global society. Xavier University OTD graduates will practice as ethical, competent, and caring professionals using critical, creative, and reflective thinking and habits of lifelong learning. As professionals, Xavier University graduates will balance autonomous and collaborative decision-making to successfully navigate a variety of inclusive delivery systems in traditional and emerging practice areas where they implement theory-driven and evidence-based practice. Xavier University graduates will be leaders who model and advocate for justice for persons, groups, and populations. To promote occupational participation and advance the profession, our graduates will utilize, produce, and disseminate scholarly works.