In addition to University-wide scholarship opportunities, these scholarships are offered specifically for nursing majors. The University and the School of Nursing are grateful to the foundations listed below for their generous donation and continued support in recognizing student excellence in nursing.
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Western-Southern Foundation Endowed Scholarship for Minority/Disadvantaged Students

A one half million dollar endowed scholarship is contributed by the Western-Southern Foundation to establish a nursing scholarship fund for minority and disadvantaged students at Xavier. Applications are available upon request in the School of Nursing. The amount of the scholarship is based on interest accrued from the endowment.

Ann M. Summers and Mary Summers Nursing Fellowship

This scholarship is offered once every four years to an incoming first year nursing student in the four-year BSN program. The recipient of this fellowship is expected to spend approximately 25 hours per month volunteering in an approved health care setting while maintaining a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0. The fellowship will be renewed for each of the subsequent three years providing the recipient performs satisfactory volunteerism and scholastic work. In order to qualify, applicants must:

  • Be a resident of Campbell, Kenton or Boone County in Northern Kentucky.
  • Demonstrate high academic achievement in high school, character, and qualities of leadership.
  • Document a commitment to volunteerism in community, school, and church.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Be admitted to the Xavier University Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

Gloria M. Roaden Scholarship

Priority is given to accepted MIDAS students who demonstrate academic success. The following was written by her daughters.

"This scholarship was established in loving memory of our mother, Gloria M. Roaden. Our mother was an intelligent women. She never finished high school, but she wanted more for our own children.

She always stressed the importance of education to us. Our mother realized that education is the great hope for the survival of humankind, and for the forward progress of civilization. She knew that education is the most basic necessity after those vital to life itself like food, clothing, and shelter; and that education is what lifts people out of the state of chronic poverty in which they struggle just to fulfill those basic needs.

Our mother had a passion and a vision for her children of a better quality of life. She knew the only way we could pursue our goals and dreams was through a good education.

Therefore, there is no better way to honor the memory of our mother than to continue her vision and passion for a good education to others. It is the greatest spirit of love and hope that this scholarship helps to put the recipients on the launching pad to soar in life and reach for the stars."

Her loving daughters,
Sandra Berger
Laney Scherder
Linda Kaiser


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