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Family Nurse Practitioner Post-Master's Certificate Program

Xavier University prepares masters prepared registered nurses in the nurse practitioner role with the family across the lifespan population focus. The family nurse practitioner (FNP) will apply family centered primary care including preventive care, diagnosis and treatment, as well as health maintenance and management of chronic illness to individuals across the life span in predominantly ambulatory primary care settings. The FNP track follows an integration of the MSN and nurse practitioner core courses and practicum experiences specific to the preparation of a family nurse practitioner. The course of study will culminate with an immersion practicum in the role of the FNP.

Experienced registered nurses with an MSN from a regionally accredited college or university and CCNE accreditation are eligible to apply for the post-master's certificate program. The FNP post master's certificate program requires 18 to 27 semester hours, depending upon the student's previously completed course work. This program is offered at the main campus and at select partner sites via video-conferencing. It is not an online program.

Family Nurse Practitioner Track Courses (18-27 semester hours/600 clinical hours)

Nurse Practitioner Core (9 semester hours)
Previous course work will be reviewed at the time of application completion to determine if any of the Nurse Practitioner Core (3 'P's) requirements have been met

NURS 658 Clinical Pharmacology (3)
NURS680 Advanced Pathophysiology for RNs (3)
NURS756 Advanced Health Assessment for RNs (3)

FNP Core (18 semester hours) Clinical Hours
NURS770 Primary Care FNP Role (3)
NURS771 Childbearing Family Care Practicum (1)* 120
NURS772 Childbearing Family Care (3)
NURS773 Pediatric and Adolescent Family Care Practicum (1)* 120
NURS774 Pediatric and Adolescent Family Care (3)
NURS775 Adult and Geriatric Family Care Practium (1)* 120
NURS776 Adult and Geriatric Family Care (3)
NURS777 FNP in Practice Practicum (2)* 240
NURS778 FNP in Practice (1)

( )* indicates the number of didactic credit hours to practicum credit hour. Each practicum credit hour is 8 clinical contact hours: 1:8. The total number of practicum hours required for the FNP is 600.

Pre/Co-requisites: NURS 770 is pre/co-req for NURS 775/776 and 775/776 are prereqs for NURS 773/774 and NURS 771/772.

FNP Track Objectives >> Admission information and how to apply >> PMAS FNP Fact Sheet

Please contact the advisor of this track for more information:

Dr. Kimberly Toole

Assistant Professor and FNP Coordinator
College of Nursing 
Office: (513) 745-3095