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Education Track

Students who choose the education track are provided with in-depth study of the principles of education to be applied to the education of nurses. Graduates of this track are prepared to teach in health care or educational settings as nurse educators, staff educators, clinical faculty and continuing education providers.

In addition, an integrated dual degree with the School of Education is offered to students enrolled in the education track for which the MSN/MEd would enhance career opportunities through the additional study of graduate education courses.

Education Track Courses (11 semester hours minimum)
(required in addition to the 26 semester hour MSN core, synthesis and application)

NURS 580 Patho Pharm and Assess Nurs Educ (3)
NURS 660 Development of the Adult Learner in Health Care (3)
NURS 664 Teaching Strategies (2)
NURS 670 Roles of the Nurse Educator (3)

Elective Course:
NURS 662 Advanced Technology and Simulation (2) - OPTIONAL

Note: Education track students will take NURS 703 Graduate Nursing Practicum (2 cr.) 

Please contact the advisor of this track for more information:
Terri Enslein, MSH, RN-C OB

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Office: (513) 745-3148