College of Nursing Graduate Programs

DNP Program Goals

  1. Integrate the scientific, philosophical, ethical, and historical underpinnings of professional nursing practice from a global and holistic perspective.
  2. Provide organizational and systems leadership for quality improvement and systems thinking.
  3. Provide leadership in clinical scholarship and analytical methods for evidence-based care.
  4. Utilize information systems/technology and patient care technology for the holistic improvement and transformation of health care.
  5. Influence health care policy by possessing essential skills in policy and advocacy.
  6. Establish interprofessional collaboration for holistically improving patient and population health outcomes.
  7. Design, implement, and evaluate health care delivery methods for illness prevention and population health for improving the Nation's health.
  8. Utilize conceptual and analytical skills to distinguish relationships among practice, organizations, diverse populations, fiscal resources, and policy concerns and to advance nursing practice.