Nursing Student

The School of Nursing at Xavier University has as its goal the preparation of professional nurses educated to meet the health care needs of diverse populations in an ever-changing highly technical health care environment.

Graduates of Xavier nursing are prepared to practice nursing today and be leaders of tomorrow. The philosophy of the school has always been to prepare nurses to be holistic leaders in healthcare delivery with an educational foundation grounded in Jesuit values.

Xavier University's School of Nursing is proud of the innovative BSN, MSN, ABSNpost-master's certificate and DNP programs developed over the years that creatively address changes in the current health care arena.

Xavier offers a wide range of options for registered nurses wishing to advance their careers. The Master of Science in Nursing program is open to baccalaureate, associate, or diploma prepared nurses at an entry point customized to the student's level of prior preparation. Students may specialize their course of study in administration, clinical nurse leader, education, forensics, healthcare law, informatics or school health nursing or may customize their study. Registered nurses in the MSN program have the option of a dual degree by coupling the MSN with the MEd, MBA or MSCJ degree. Registered nurses with a BSN have the additional option of the MSN family nurse practitioner track. Registered nurses with an MSN have two options for a post master's certificate: clinical nurse leader or family nurse practitioner.

Since 2005 individuals with a baccalaureates degree in a field other than nursing can earn a Masters of Science in Nursing and direct entry into Nursing as a new career, the MIDAS program which incorporates the clinical nurse leader role.

Xavier nursing graduates practice nursing throughout the tri-state area and throughout the United States. Our graduates are well-respected in the health care community as knowledgeable, professional, and ethical and prepared to excel in meeting current and future challenges in health care delivery.

Reasons to Choose Xavier

Outstanding Faculty

Faculty members are outstanding practitioners with years of experience in nursing and education. Their doctoral areas of study include nursing, epidemiology, natural health and psychology. Several also hold specialized certificates in community health, gerontology and occupational health as well as certificates of authority in the state of Ohio.

Simulated Study

Xavier's new, state-of-the-art clinical simulation laboratory supplements the nursing student's clinical experiences by providing a futuristic simulated learning environment. Using a human patient simulator, students have the opportunity to participate in Simulated Study challenging, real-life scenarios. Xavier's life-sized, computer driven human simulation mannequin blinks, speaks and breathes, as well as mirrors accurate human reactions to procedures such as CPR, ventilation, catheterization and intubation.