Xavier will continue to support the Noyce Scholars cohorts for their first three years of teaching.  Scholars will participate in Xavier's New Teacher Academy (free of charge), receive funds for classroom supplies, participate in a mentoring program, and will have community support through both online contact and semi-annual cohort dinners. Noyce Scholars will also be given a reduced tuition rate for M.Ed. courses during their first two years of teaching (up to six credits per year).

New Teaching Academy

Within the Xavier New Teacher Academy, beginning teachers will become members of a collaborative professional learning community. Participants will attend seven seminars on Xavier?s campus that include active, sustained learning on topics such as Preparing for Effective Parent-Teacher Conferences and Managing the Classroom. Through these meetings, as well as via on-line communication with peer teachers, the Academy will provide a supportive culture to advance teaching practices.

Xavier?s New Teacher Academy supplements the state?s mentoring program, which provides a mentor for beginning teachers. Xavier?s program offers an innovative approach to teacher induction that follows national best practices. Research has demonstrated that programs creating professional learning communities that regularly provide seminars on topics of interest and on-line communication with colleagues appear to be most effective in helping beginning teachers ease the transition during their first years in the profession.

Community Support

Online Discussion Forums will provide a place for continuing conversation between Noyce Scholars and their peers.  Scholars will be able to discuss experiences, share new ideas, ask questions, express concerns, and continue conversations that take place during the New Teacher Academy and in mentoring relationships.  As more Scholars enter the program that community will grow.

Semi Annual Dinners will provide Noyce Scholars the chance to get together twice a year after entering the teaching profession.  Along with Scholars, STEM faculty, education faculty and/or experienced teachers, and CBI staff will be invited to participate in these dinner meetings.

Reduced M.Ed. Tuition

Noyce Scholars will be given a reduced tuition rate for M.Ed. courses during their first two years of teaching (up to six credits per year).  This opportunity provides an additional way Scholars to become better prepared as teachers.