What Xavier and Minnesota Have in Common—Besides Muskies

Lexy Saraswate grew up just outside St. Paul, Minn., and had two main factors in her college search—to move somewhere slightly warmer and to attend a big school.

“To be honest, I wasn’t really looking for Xavier,” she says. “I had wanted to go to a big state school since the sixth grade."

Lexy and her mom were on their "big school" tour driving through Cincinnati and stopped for gas at a station near Xavier. They looked around, decided to stay for the night and take a tour of campus the next day. But Lexy wasn’t expecting what happened next.

 People say ‘hi' to you. If you make eye contact, people actually smile at you.

“We took the tour, got in our car and headed north. Then I noticed my mom was crying!” Lexy says. "She said, ‘You have to go to Xavier, it would be perfect for you. I know you don’t want to admit it right now, but that’s the school you belong in. That’s where you need to be. You’ll fit in. It’s not too big, but it’s not small.’”

But there was something else Lexy discovered that Xavier had in common with her home state: something she calls Minnesota Nice. And she discovered it from the first day. “People say ‘hi' to you. If you make eye contact, people actually smile at you. And for me, that was a big one,” she says.

And just because a school isn’t huge doesn’t mean you can’t do big things. In fact, Lexy may need two diplomas. “I’m a political science, international studies major with a minor in international business and German.”

Why not pay us a visit? And when you do, and a stranger says ‘hi’ and holds the door for you, they may be from Minnesota. Or they just might be Xavier Nice.