Top 9 Qualities of Xavier PPP Majors

Want to go out and change the world? PPP is the major that gets big things done.

College is where you dream big, think bigger and get out in the real world and make it all happen. And Xavier’s got a major for that. It’s called Philosophy, Politics and the Public (PPP). Each year, only 30 to 35 first-year students are admitted to the honors program.

Think you have what it takes? Here are 9 qualities of every PPP major at Xavier.

1. They’re team players.

Xavier PPP students in Washington D.C.
Xavier PPP students in Washington D.C.

You won't go it alone. Your class will study together, work together and travel together. And in four years, you'll not only gain the foundation to do great things, you'll have also made friends for life.

2. They’re serious about academics.

Xavier PPP students having a discussion in a classroom.

The classes are challenging. Courses like Ethics as Introduction to Philosophy, and Theory of Knowledge (both in your first semester!) will challenge how you think and reason your way through issues.

3. They know when (and where) to hit the books.

It's good to study hard! Honors students have access to reserved residence wings and are advised by the directors of the program in which they are enrolled. You'll also enjoy priority in selecting and scheduling your courses. Study in peace or attend a reception for students and faculty in the honors lounge on the fifth floor of the Conaton Learning Commons.

4. They’re excited about participating in local government.

Xavier students working on local campaigns in Cincinnati.
Xavier PPP students working on local campaigns in Cincinnati. 

Your sophomore year takes you outside the classroom and into the community with special emphasis on the real world of electoral and legislative politics. Learning is a first-hand experience—campaigning for causes and candidates, knocking door-to-door and pulling an all-nighter watching the votes roll in.

5. They seek out—and land—the best internships.

Xavier PPP students at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.
Xavier PPP students on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

Internships are a great way to take a future career for a test drive. Summer internship opportunities can be your home city, state or in Washington, D.C. Recently, PPP students have completed internships in the offices of U.S. senators and representatives, mayoral offices, the Democratic and Republican National Committees as well as in the White House Budget Office.

6. They’re ready to see the world.

Xavier students at the U.S. embassy in Paris, France.
Xavier PPP students at the U.S. embassy in Paris, France. 

Don’t forget your passport. Here’s just a sample itinerary—juniors have traveled to Paris, Jerusalem, Germany and Jordan. PPP students have also traveled to Rome where they choose two courses among English, philosophy, art and Italian during a five-week program.

7. They’re achievers.

Here’s just a few of the dozens of scholarships PPP grads have earned:

• Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellowship

• Fulbright Scholarships

• Goldwater Scholarships

• Hertz Fellowships

• Mellon Fellowships

• Thurgood Marshall Scholarships

• Truman Scholarships

8. They see a future full of possibilities.  

Portrait of a Xavier PPP student on election night.
Xavier PPP student on election night. 

PPP is not a specific career major, but an academic map to create your own path. So where will your degree take you? Anywhere you want to go. Here’s a breakdown of post-graduate destinations: 20% government and politics, 20% corporate, 30% non-profit and 30% graduate and law school.

9. They know their education at Xavier will change their lives forever.

One hundred percent of graduates of Xavier's Philosophy, Politics & the Public program are employed, enrolled in a full-time graduate program or volunteering within six months of graduation.