Top 5 Reasons Why Xavier Is the Best Choice for Becoming a Teacher

Think you want to be a teacher? Xavier’s undergraduate education programs are among the largest and most popular with nearly 500 students enrolled each year.

Here’s why we think Xavier is your best choice for teacher education:

1. Success—100% of students in our Early Childhood, Montessori and Special Education programs are employed within a few months of graduation.

2. Learn by Doing—Engage in at least 15 hours of field experience beginning in your freshman year in all kinds of classrooms—from traditional and Montessori to public, private and Catholic—with more than 50 school district partners.

3. Choice—You choose from five different education programs along with your chosen licensure field: Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Montessori, Secondary and Special education. We also offer a dual degree combining Special Education and Montessori for even more post-graduation options.

4. Faculty—Our faculty are, simply put, fantastic. They’re all dedicated and experienced teachers, and they care about you and your goals of becoming part of the next generation of highly qualified teachers and educators.

5. Ethics—Our curriculum introduces students to the Jesuit emphasis on ethics, service and caring for others—especially those who will be your students some day.


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If you want to learn more about Xavier’s teacher education programs, visit the School of Education online.