The Most Popular Majors at Xavier and What Makes Them Exceptional

Xavier’s known for having one of the best Nursing programs in the state, so it’s not too surprising that another health-related field, Biology, comes in as the second most popular major. We talked to Xavier’s admission folks and students to learn about the most popular majors this year. Here’s what they told us and why.


Our nursing program stands out for many reasons, but a big one is its holistic approach toward nursing care. That means our nursing students learn to care for the whole person, not just the ailment. Plus you’ll learn a lot by working with local nurses and doctors, and volunteering to help others in the community. With more than 400 students majoring in nursing in 2017, and a 100-percent job placement rate within two months of graduation, our School of Nursing is a great choice for you to get started on your nursing career.

“I came to Xavier specifically because of the nursing program…and Xavier’s campus size was the perfect fit for me. It wasn’t too big, yet not too small. I also like the student-to-faculty ratio. It helps me create a better relationship and rapport with the professor, which ultimately helps me get the best grade possible.” – Nico Jayson, Class of 2017, Detroit

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Our pre-professional health advising program is a huge reason why nearly 300 students choose Xavier for their biology degree. Think pre-med—or pre-dental or pre-pharmacy. Whichever direction you want to go, we help you get there with advising, course selection and test preparation, so you get into the medical, dental or other professional school of your choice—and our 82-percent med school acceptance rate shows it’s working. Not pre-med? Not a problem. Many of our graduates go into research, business or other health-related fields at a career placement rate of 98 percent.

“So much of who I am and how I approach my work is rooted in my habits I formed at Xavier and through all my education. This connection between the small and big picture is important and it plays out not just in biology, but in many aspects of your life.” – Ann Fiegen Durbin, PhD, Class of 2010

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With a 95-percent job or grad school placement rate, it’s easy to see why Marketing is one of the most popular majors at Xavier. And it’s not just the academics that lead to success for our students. Our Business Profession Program, Mentoring Program and internship opportunities with Cincinnati’s Fortune 500 and other companies allow students to get the kind of experience and guidance they need to succeed.

“I chose Xavier because as soon as I walked on campus, I already felt like I was part of community. I quickly met friends who cared about me and professors who did all they could to motivate me to succeed. It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of a community of friends and classmates like them.”  Alexis Cortez, Class of 2019

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With a head for numbers, students in our finance program prepare for a professional career with either for-profit companies or non-profit organizations. Armed with knowledge about managerial finance, investments and capital markets, our graduates succeed at a rate of 93 percent finding employment or admission to graduate school within 90 days of graduation. Success is our bottom line.

“The biggest difference with Xavier is the small class sizes. So students not only get to know their professors well, but also the other students. And that’s great when it comes to help with studying and homework. Xavier’s so well regarded, it’s easy to make connections.” – Tim Stainbrook, Class of 2017 

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A Xavier education provides the same great liberal arts preparation no matter what you end up choosing as your major. Every graduate benefits equally, and our most recent career placement rate of 98 percent bears that out. At Xavier, you can take some time to test drive what interests you in our Exploratory program—knowing the outcome will be worth it—so you can be interested in what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life.

“College is the best time to figure out who you are as a person and what you want to be doing. I declared Advertising as my major during the second semester of my first year. Even though I declared my major as a freshman, it still took a while to realize that I made the right choice. I was still exploring and learning about my major and myself.” – Kristina Silva, Class of 2016 

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