"I never thought I would get to experience film acting."

Maya Farhat (Theatre, 2016) feels most at home when she's acting on the stage. So last September when she found herself at the Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Film Commission offices auditioning for a role in a television movie, she was unsure whether she would land the part.

"There are a lot of differences between stage acting and film acting," says Farhat. "As a Theatre student, I did more with the stage, which is different because the audience is right there."

 As a Theatre student, I did more with the stage"

But Farhat's acting impressed the casting company, just as it had impressed her professor, Lynn Meyers, who had recommended her for an audition. A few weeks later, she was in front of the cameras in Hyde Park Square taking direction from and acting alongside Mariah Carey, whom she now affectionately calls "M.C."

It took four days to shoot Farhat's scenes for "A Christmas Melody" which premiered on the Hallmark Channel on Dec. 19, 2015. The entire movie was shot in Cincinnati and stars Lacey Chabert from "Mean Girls," Kathy Najimy and Mariah Carey. Farhat plays Chabert's best friend in the movie, Hayley Tillman.

Working under the famous actors and actresses has added to the pressure, but hasn't taken away from the excitement of seeing herself on television for the first time.

"I never thought I would get to experience film acting," says Farhat. "I'm not going to believe it until I actually see the movie."