Give Advice to Incoming Class through #AskAMusketeer

When was the last time you thought about your freshman year?

Remember when you first came to campus, ready to set the world on fire? Remember the excitement and trepidation you felt as you went through the tradition of Manresa, when everything was a new learning experience?

More than 1,100 new Musketeers are coming to campus this fall with all of those same feelings.

And as they go through our annual rite of welcome, we ask you to reach out and offer some additional words of comfort, support and advice. It always helps to get a note from someone who’s been there before—someone who knows just what it’s like to be a part of The Xavier Experience.

Now, you can post your memories and guidance here as part of #AskAMusketeer for our next group of future alumni.

Some of our most recent graduates are already doing it.

Terrence Ferguson, from Chattanooga, Tenn., just graduated in May with a degree in Marketing. His advice was simple: “Come into Xavier with an open mind and a willingness to explore how you can become an essential part of our community. #AskAMusketeer,” he said.

Emily Linginfelter, from Richmond, Ind., graduated in May with a degree in Public Relations, Advertising and Digital Media. She says she learned a lot by following this mantra: “Try something brand new that interests you at least once a year. #AskAMusketeer.”

What will you say to the most recent class of Musketeers? Remember—a Muskie never goes it alone.

Let’s Go X!