Five Ways to Prepare Your Musketeer for Life on Campus

For years, you've fed, clothed and housed your children, nursed them in sickness and made sure their homework was finished on time. With all that attention, it's hard to imagine they'll make it without you. That's where we come in.

We spoke to Xavier’s Senior Director of Residence Life Lori Lambert and Xavier Student Success Advisor Laura Frazier about how to support students during their first few weeks at Xavier. They gave us the lowdown on the biggest challenges students face, and also offered five ways parents can help ease the transition. 

1. Prepare them to live with someone new.

“It’s hard to live with a total stranger in a small space, but it’s part of the college experience. Encourage your student to be ready to have open conversations with their roommates about their reservations or potential issues.  Having a difficult conversation is a learned skill—and the time to learn it is now!”- LF

“Students are required to live in their assigned space for two weeks. This helps them move past first impressions to see if the roommate situation might work out. Roommates each fill out Roommate Agreements, which help them talk through how they will live together in their space (visitors, noise, cleanliness, etc.). After two weeks if it is not working out, encourage your student to talk with their RA about a room change.”- LL

2. Send them with cleaning supplies.

“In Husman, Kuhlman and Buenger Halls, the bathrooms are cleaned once a week by Xavier staff. Students are notified of the day the custodial staff will visit their room and they are asked to clear their sink and shower to help facilitate the cleaning. In Brockman, the bathrooms are cleaned daily. Custodial staff does not clean student rooms. That is the responsibility of the students. Please send them with cleaning supplies!”- LL

3. Make sure they know that Musketeers never go it alone.

“Most students experience some nervousness as they prepare to arrive then adjust to campus life. If they are feeling sad or anxious, encourage them to connect with a campus administrator who can help. Instructors, academic advisors, student Peer Mentors, Success Advisors, and Resident Assistants are all there to support our students. “-LF

4. Encourage them to be open to new friends and experiences.

“Homesickness is very real and some students experience deep feelings of sadness a few days after the excitement of orientation has worn off.  Having a supportive group of friends can help ease those feelings. Encourage your student to attend Club Day, form a study group or reflect on why they chose Xavier. Those activities can help them to feel more engaged with and supported on campus.” -LF

5. Take a photo of them on Move-In Day.

Even if they don’t want you to.

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