Chapter Spotlight: X on the Road Coming to the Windy City

As part of a continuing effort to network throughout the country and meet up with alumni, several Xavier officials will be coming to Chicago for an X on the Road function in October.

The appearance will also coincide with an immersion trip taken by Xavier Management and Entrepreneurial Studies students, which will offer them networking opportunities.

The trip and event further emphasize the importance of one of Xavier’s largest alumni groups, as Windy City Alumni Chapter President and 1999 graduate Stephen Polutnik explains: “I really enjoy the networking events because it really gives me a chance to get to know and help fellow alumni out."

Polutnik, 40, lives on the north side of Chicago, and has been the chapter president for two years. He says managing his schedule can be a challenge, but to be successful as a president you must “be sure to set aside time to work on the chapter each month.”

For fun, the chapter also hosts several game-watching events during basketball season, he says.

“The networking event this October with the current students should be a great event,” he says. “So come on out!”

For those alumni in Chicago, look for more information regarding the October networking event to hit your mailboxes in the coming weeks.

X in the Big Apple

This spring, X on the Road went to New York City, where the University’s deans, along with Athletic Director Greg Christopher, gave updates on several topics, including:

  • The University’s ongoing partnership with TriHealth.
  • The creation of the Health United Building.
  • The academic futures of the three colleges.
  • The growth of the Department of Athletics.

Matt Gallo, a 2016 Psychology graduate who works as a mental health professional and lives in Westchester, N.Y., attended the New York City luncheon and says he understands the importance of Xavier’s leadership reaching out across the country.

“It’s good to get a feel of what’s going on, because even in the past few years there have been a lot of changes,” he said.

“From the basketball program to new majors to young mentor experiences, I even learned how I can give back. My curriculum prepared me so well, and I appreciate that so much. I’m interested in helping others on the undergraduate level.”

Natasha Holiday, who graduated from Xavier in 2004 before attending graduate school at Harvard and is a finance expert in New York City, served as the mediator for the discussion.

“It’s nice for the University to travel like this,” she said afterward. “It’s important to reach out to your alumni and communicate what is new, like our new Deans and their plans for the colleges. There is a real emphasis on being creative and collaborative, as well as being responsive to the market and the community.”

John Paul Gutierrez, who earned an MBA from Xavier in 2013 and now works as a chemistry specialist in New York City, also attended the luncheon.

“The Xavier leaders are ambassadors of the University,” he said. “I love talking about my Xavier education, so I love hearing about what’s going on.”

More Information

Interested in organizing an alumni event or bringing Xavier officials to your area? Contact the Alumni office for additional information:

800-344-4698, option 5