Art Scene in Cincinnati

Growing up, I was always fond of the arts. I was heavily involved in theatre and choir throughout high school. One of my favorite parts of Cincinnati is the exposure to art and culture you can get from being here. From performances and musicals to plays and art, Cincinnati definitely has a place for it all. Here are some of the best places to get your art fix near Xavier:

Cincinnati Art Museum

Located in Eden Park, this museum is great for a day you want to stay inside and take your time enjoying pieces from centuries before us. The building winds around so you can take your time to appreciate what’s around. And after you’re done, you can walk around the park nearby and catch a great view of the river.

Aronoff Center for the Arts

This is the place to see your favorite touring plays and musicals. Additionally, they have lots of comedic shows and concerts, too. They definitely try to engage the community to learn more about theatre, so it’s definitely a place to check out if you’re interested in that.

Cincinnati Ballet

The Cincinnati Ballet allows you to enjoy the magic of dance. There’s a cycle of diverse shows put on by talented ballerinas in the academy. However, their shows are all over Cincinnati; sometimes shown at the Aronoff Center or Cincinnati’s Music Hall, a historic hall in Over-The-Rhine.

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra has a lot of concerts and events for everyone. They share music through instrumental performances and strive to inspire the community with music. Many famous musicians from around the globe come to perform with the orchestra as well.

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