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Xavier University XMBA Students Build Roads, Bridges and Risk Management Skills

Xavier Leadership Center facilitates live simulation game for XMBA students, as part of Williams College of Business' plan to continually innovate their teaching methods.


Participants from Xavier Leadership Center involve themselves in a game of

Participants from Xavier Leadership Center involve themselves in a game of "risk" called Ultimate Route.

Students in the Executive MBA class at Xavier University’s Williams College of Business will spend September 6 building bridges and roads. Not literally, but they will face the challenges of a road construction project as they participate in the Ultimate Route live simulation game at Camp Friedlander. Faculty from the Williams College of Business and the Xavier Leadership Center (XLC) will facilitate the game, which teaches risk management and fosters teamwork in a safe setting where there are no adverse consequences to making mistakes. 

The decision to include the hands-on activity into the Executive MBA is just one of the many features that make it the most challenging, rigorous, and in-demand Executive program in the region.  Innovation via education requires the combination of theory with practical, immediately implementable experience.  People better retain information when it is actively applied, not just heard, says Raghu Tadepalli, Dean of the Graduate School of Business at Xavier.
“The Ultimate Route experience has been one of the most effective for corporate executives,” says Tadepalli. “Students participating in this event come away with skills, knowledge, and a physical learning that leave a lasting impression.  Ultimate Route changes who they are, how they lead, and the impact they have in the corporate world.”
Bruce Miller, Managing Partner of the XLC, says the Center is the only place in the United States to offer Ultimate Route. Ultimate Route is a live simulation that challenges participants to apply and learn risk management concepts and reinforces the importance of teams. Participants are tasked with building a road and choose from among five different route possibilities. Teams are given data about each route and challenged as unanticipated changes occur throughout the simulation. As each change is introduced, teams can accept, avoid, transfer or mitigate risk. Each decision results in either challenging or enhancing the team’s overall performance and progress in building the road. Trade offs result from each decision - as in the real world.  The "winner" is determined by how well a team planned for and identified certain risks, while adjusting plans and taking counter measures as new risks are introduced throughout the game.
“A business simulation game replicates reality,” Miller says.” It compresses time and allows participants to experiment and experience that reality. The Ultimate Route promotes teamwork and is a competitive activity in which participants contend with obstacles, make decisions and work together toward a goal. By the end of the game, team members are often on their feet cheering as the road construction project reaches its completion.”
The Xavier Leadership Center implements high-impact facilitated learning programs, centering around the development of leaders. Each is designed with the express intent of helping executives and their teams solve real business problems. Programs are delivered by a network of experts drawn from Xavier's colleges and experienced business professionals. Prior to joining Xavier University, Miller held executive and leadership positions with both highly specialized and global management consulting companies, including one of the world's top information technology professional services firms. He has presented papers and been a speaker worldwide. He quickly recognizes and relates to the business challenges of corporate clients, having started his career with a decade of business experience with General Electric.
The Executive MBA at Xavier is one of the oldest such programs in the nation.  The 19-month, one- day-a-week cohort program is entering its 33rd year and has educated the top leaders in industry across the region and nationally.  The program accepts an entering class of seasoned business professionals with, on average, 15 years significant managerial and leadership experience.  Many of its students are those who rose in corporate ranks quickly but now need the MBA credential for the next, and often, top leadership positions.  Visit www.xavier.edu/xmba for information.
After completing this experience, the XMBA students certainly will build roads toward a more successful future for themselves and their companies. More information about Ultimate Route is athttp://www.xavierconsulting.com/courses/risk-management-simulation.cfm.