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Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Workshop Schedule Coming Soon!

Once the 2020-2021 workshop schedule is published, registration will be available online, secured with payment of a non-refundable registration fee. Registration closes at 4pm the day prior to the workshop. CEU's are available for all completed workshops.

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Fall 2019 through Spring 2020 Workshops

How to End the School Year and Begin Again

Presented by Lesley Roth and Rosemary Quaranta

There is a unique and beautiful flow in the year—between students and the adults-the curriculum, normalization, spontaneity and developing a healthy community.  This interactive workshop recognizes the work teachers have done throughout the year in their classrooms. Now what? Learn how to use the information you've accumulated throughout the school year to prioritize, plan, sort, and " begin again" in the fall, refueling your mind, body and soul and envisioning a successful, engaged and inspired upcoming year.

Putting the "Life" Back into Montessori Elementary Biology Lessons

Presented by Lisa Blackford 

This workshop will review representative biology lessons at the Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary levels. We will demonstrate extensions that enliven learning, offer a range of follow-up activities, and incorporate higher order thinking. Participants will note correlations between the aims and content of Montessori science lessons and Ohio State Core Curriculum standards for science. This workshop is designed for teachers of 6-12 year old students.

Nature, Art and Play

Presented by Donna Hutchinson-Smyth and Rosemary Quaranta

Montessori believed that as educators we need to ignite the child's senses, spark curiosity, and promote engagement with the natural world.  Join us for a morning of interactive activities that help us to explore nature, experience art, and play our way to some new ideas.  Each of these pathways offer creative outlets for learning both in and out of the classroom.   

The Special Needs of All Children in a Montessori Environment

Presented by Melissa Ridley, Intervention Specialist and Montessori Educator

This workshop will explore differentiation strategies to support all students, including those with special needs, ages 3-9.  Please join Melissa Ridley, Montessori EC credentialed educator and Early Childhood Intervention specialist, in exploring opportunities to meet the needs of all students through hands-on engagement with the materials and created extensions.

Mindfulness Mini-Retreat: Cultivate Personal Peace

Presented by Brandt Smith and Andrea Kern

Andrea Kern and Brandt Smith will share practice and science of mindfulness.  Designed for all levels of mindfulness experience, we'll look at how mindfulness can enrich our inner peace which in turn deepens the peace we see in the world. Valuable practice for all of us.  (Limited number of spots available.)

The Power and Beauty of a Line: Handwriting in the Montessori Classroom

Presented by Rosemary Quaranta

This presentation will explore current research on the brain, technology, and the cognitive, motor, and visual benefits of “putting pen to paper” as children develop “a beautiful hand.” Participants will rediscover their own skills, explore a brief history of handwriting, express thoughts artfully, and view samples of beautiful children’s work that will inspire. Teachers will return to their classrooms with a renewed passion for handwriting, real lessons and materials that develop the artful exploration of personal style, and resources to continue their work.

Elementary Montessori Math Refresher

Presented by Robyn Breiman

This workshop, designed for Elementary I and Elementary II teachers, will review the Montessori math curriculum and materials, reminding us of the beauty and brilliance in their design. We will look at how to align the Montessori curriculum to state standards while also learning ways to invigorate your practice to keep students engaged and focused.

Montessori Music and Movement Workshop Introduction

Presented by Mike Flohr

Dr. Montessori defined Cosmic Education as a “unifying global and universal view of the past, present, and future”. Music has a unique place in the history of humanity. Since the first rhythm sounded, music has facilitated communication, connected people, and strengthened cultural and national identities. Montessori developed a highly structured curriculum to engage the child in the wonders of music. This workshop engages participants in an experiential overview of Montessori activities in rhythm, pitch, and song. The Montessori practitioner can harness these skills to enhance their offerings of Cosmic Education to children. This workshop is appropriate for teachers of children aged 3 – 12.

Cooking for Life - Engaging Learners of All Ages in the Process of Food Preparation

Presented by Andrea Tell-Summers, Lesley Roth, Rosemary Quaranta, Brandt Smith and Kathy Farfsing

From early childhood, through elementary and adolescence, to eldercare, working together to prepare nourishing foods is a critical element of life, as are the conversations that occur during the process. Join fellow Montessori community members in this hands-on workshop to learn creative ways of preparing your environment to meet the needs of learners of all ages and find meaning and nourishment in the kitchen.