Montessori Dementia Program


The dementia Montessori workshop was an amazing day; I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who cares for, is interested in, or whose life is affected by Alzheimer's and other dementias.

Ashley Lautar, Cincinnati


Please repeat often! To multiple discipline groups. This is applicable to many disciplines: psychology, gerontology, education, health sciences, nurses, OT's, etc. and so hopeful for families and care givers. Respect and dignity are such beautiful concepts!

Dr. Janet Castellini, Cincinnati


This workshop has inspired me to better serve those having dementia.

Holly West, Cincinnati


Incredibly helpful for a primary care giver! Lots of ideas, examples to use now. Excellent speaker- keeps your attention and makes it fun.

Sally Von Lehman, Cincinnati


It was extremely informative and insightful! The instruction was clear and meaningful. Kathy made it easy to understand what to do and why it should be done.

Monica Sorenson, South Dakota


Kathy is passionate and knowledgeable about this much needed discussion.

Melanie Hack, Alabama


I was greatly empowered by this workshop.

D.D. Farmer, Cincinnati


Ms. Farfsing is an engaging, entertaining, and thoughtful presenter. She has very user-friendly, affordable suggestions and tools for making our resident's lives more meaningful and fun. I look forward to hearing her present again!

Vicky Putt, Cleveland


It was very comprehensive and informative. Thought provoking examples were given that could be introduced in our setting.

Kendra, Cleveland