Montessori Conversations

37-From Montessori student to teacher

We hear the Montessori story of someone who was a Montessori student, transitioned to a college prep high school, and then returned to Montessori as a teacher.

Guest: Adam Diamond

Adam Diamond is a lifelong Montessorian, having been a Montessori student from age 3 through the sixth grade. He holds an Masters degree in Montessori Education from Xavier University and an AMS Credential in Elementary I and II, and he has been teaching in the Montessori Elementary classroom for twelve years. He has presented at national conferences and currently serves as Head Elementary Director at Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy in Crescent Springs, KY and as Adjunct Faculty for Xavier University’s Montessori Teacher Education Program. He is the son of a Montessori teacher, the spouse of a Montessori teacher, and the parent of a Montessori student.  

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