Xavier’s Mission: Xavier is a Jesuit Catholic university rooted in the liberal arts tradition. Our mission
is to educate each student intellectually, morally, and spiritually. We create learning opportunities
through rigorous academic and professional programs integrated with co-curricular engagement. In
an inclusive environment of open and free inquiry, we prepare students for a world that is
increasingly diverse, complex and interdependent. Driven by our commitment to educating the whole
person, promoting the common good, and serving others, the Xavier community challenges and
supports all our members as we cultivate lives of reflection, compassion and informed action.

Xavier’s Strategic Plan
As good stewards of our university mission, we establish the following strategic goals for FY19-FY21.

Goal 1. To embody the gifts of our Ignatian heritage amidst a robust educational experience in a
nurturing, safe, well-maintained, and beautiful campus environment.

Goal 1 will be achieved through the following actions.
• By upholding the University’s Jesuit mission and identity.
• By ensuring that our Jesuit culture is fully integrated into the academic experience and student
learning outcomes.
• By executing our individual and institutional goals to create a more diverse, inclusive, supportive,
and socially just campus climate that enhances the surrounding community.
• By capitalizing on and leveraging our visibility in mission driven intercollegiate athletics.
• By strengthening Xavier’s brand through collaborative efforts across all divisions.
• By developing a pervasive culture of safety, security, and compliance.
• By providing and maintaining facilities, building, and grounds that support the academic, spiritual,
and recreational needs of our Xavier University community.

Goal 2. To develop and maintain dynamic undergraduate academic programs that are built upon
our Jesuit core curriculum and led by committed faculty and staff. These programs will be high
quality, distinctive, compelling, and provide a pathway for students to obtain internships, graduate and professional school entrance, and meaningful jobs.

Goal 2 will be achieved through the following actions.
• By becoming a regional center of healthcare expertise through excellence in Population Health,
Nursing, and related health fields while supporting our current academic centers of excellence
and expanding our affinity partnerships, especially in the health care space of the HUB and
University Station.
• By creating new academic programs in data science and cyber security to be responsive to
regional and national needs.
• By assessing Academic Program Health (APH) for all of our academic programs on an annual basis
to increase the quality of our Core and Departmental academic programs.
• By implementing the Immersive Learning Experience and developing the Vocation/Discernment
Experience completing the major components of the four-year student Road through Xavier.

Goal 3. By being responsive to regional and national needs, in light of our strong Jesuit principles
and committed faculty and staff, develop and grow dynamic graduate programs. These programs
will be high quality, distinctive, compelling, and provide a pathway for students to obtain
meaningful jobs.

Goal 3 will be achieved through the following actions.
• By growing the number of online graduate programs by at least one per year.
• By increasing the number of online graduate credit hours by 10% each year.
• By growing the graduate credit hours by 5% each year in the Williams College of Business and the
College of Professional Sciences and supporting the graduate credit hours in the College of Arts
and Sciences.
• By investing in technology and online instructional opportunities to support the growing online
graduate course offerings.

Goal 4. To ensure the financial and operational future of Xavier University.

Goal 4 will be achieved through the following actions.
• By reaching our Together. For Others Campaign goal of $250MM that will grow our Annual Fund,
meet our current Capital needs, and enhance our Endowment.
• By strategically growing the undergraduate student population to 5,000 undergraduates with an
emphasis on increasing our historically underrepresented students to one in four by 2020,
decreasing the first year discount rate to no greater than 49%, and increasing first-year retention
to at least 90%.
• By careful resource stewardship via the Managerial Accounting System, Academic Program
Health, and improved business practices.
• By launching new targeted revenue generators (e.g. expanded ABSN locations, online graduate
programs, APEX, etc.).
• By supporting the strategic workforce needs of the University through the recruitment,
development, and retention of diverse, talented, highly-qualified, and appropriately compensated
faculty and staff.
• By supporting faculty as they develop new programs and curricula.
• By addressing the deferred maintenance needs of the University.

Xavier Values

We commit to fulfilling these goals in a climate that is diverse, inclusive, accessible, collaborative,
and that meets the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of our students, staff, and faculty, and speaks to our Jesuit Mission and Values.

This Strategic Plan is designed to provide measureable goals for all major units across the University.
The Provost and CBO will share the lead for developing and annually assessing the Strategic Plan.

Anticipated Process:

• Each Goal would be assigned to the appropriate committee of the Board of Trustees for oversight
and each committee would be responsible for an annual report that demonstrates measureable
progress. These reports would be collated and accessible on the Xavier University website to
maintain transparency across university faculty, staff, and students.

• Each bullet under each Goal would be defined and expanded upon and the metrics of success
established by the appropriate staff member leading that area and shared with Fr. Graham’s
Direct Report team. For example, campaign goals will be fleshed out by the VP for Development
and his staff, the financial goals by the CBO and his staff, and the undergraduate and graduate
goals the Provost and Deans in collaboration with the Faculty Committee, etc.

• The goals may be revised as needed with approval of the Board of Trustees.

• This first Strategic Plan would expire at the end of three years. Prior to the end of Year 3, the
process would begin anew to identify, from the ground up, with input from faculty, staff, and
students, the next set of strategic goals for the University community.