Xavier University's Mission Mentoring Program for New Senior Administrators

Senior administrators, either new to Xavier or new to their position, have been paired with a current senior administrator. Over the course of the academic year, pairs will meet monthly to discuss a Jesuit identity-related topic. In addition, new administrators will meet monthly, as a group, to discuss their work at Xavier as a Jesuit Catholic university via the "Reflecting on the Mission" site. These meetings will be facilitated by staff in Mission and Identity with guest attendees. An immersion trip is planned for summer 2013. This opportunity will support and develop:

- Mission conscious senior administrators
- Informal networks (while strengthening formal networks)
- The mission-expertise of veteran administrators/mentors

Monthly Group Meetings: Six Themes of Understanding Our Heritage/Living the Mission

St. Ignatius Loyola: The Founder of the Jesuits August 30 Kick-off meeting -
    with mentors
Ignatian Spirituality: The World is Charged with the Grandeur of God October 4
Jesuit Core Values: Whole Persons of Solidarity for the Real World November 29
Jesuit Education: Developing People of Competence and Compassion January 17
The Jesuit Tradition in Today's World: Gifts of Our Ignatian Heritage February 7
Xavier University: A Historical Perspective March 7

Ignatian Pilgrimage preparation on April 18                                                                                               

The version for Trustees can be seen here


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Popular books available in the Conway Library


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