Debora Del Valle

Director for Public Relations
Xavier University


Project Title:

Sometimes We Say Funny Words


The goal of the project is to educate the media (and through them the public) about Jesuit heritage and ideology by providing explanations of Jesuit thought and definitions of Jesuit wordage.


One of the primary goals of Xavier's Office of Public Relations is to support the mission of the University. Public Relations can do this by helping the media (and the public) better understand Jesuit tradition as well as the catholicity of Xavier.

Project Details:

1. Include in the Office of Public Relations annual Media Experts Guide a list of definitions of phrases/words commonly used in Jesuit ideology, Jesuit resources and a ?Gifts of Our Ignatian Heritage? bookmark.
2. Include mission statements (and explanations if necessary) when conducting interviews with the media.
3. Create mission/catholicity talking points for others who speak with the media.
4. Identify and place mission driven stories and/or connect mission to stories pitched to the media whenever possible.
5. Include mission statements in news releases.
6. Provide a link to Xavier's Office of Mission and Identity from the Public Relations website

Indications of Success:

1. Inclusion of explanations/quotes regarding Jesuit mission/heritage in news stories.
2. Increase in click-throughs to Mission and Identity website through the PR website.
3. Placement of more mission-driven stories.


1. Length of time to educate media/public. Media does not do stories every day about Xavier. PR will need to consistently remind media of mission.
2. Getting media to include mission statements/explanations in news stories.