Campus News
from the Center for Mission & Identity at Xavier University

Caleb Ochs is awarded Xavier's Student Employee of the Year

Caleb Ochs received that "Xavier Student Employee of the Year Award" at the Honors Day Student Leadership Assembly on April 21 for his four years of work with the Center for Mission and Identity. The award is presented by the On-Campus Employment Council to student who, while working and attending college, provided outstanding contributions and achievement in the areas of reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism and uniqueness of contribution. This award is part of a national and regional competition sponsored by both the Midwest and National Associations of Student Employee Administrators.



Dr. Elaine Crable is Awarded Conway Fellowship

Elaine Crable, Ph.D., Professor of Management Information Systems, was awarded the 2012-13 Fellowship for her project, "A Mission Driven Effort to Incorporate Web Accessibility into Xavier's Online Course Initiative." She describes her project in this way:

As we begin our move into delivering courses and programs virtually, we need to remember our Ignatian mission of inclusion. Providing online access to Xavier courses will benefit people who find coming to campus a hardship. This hardship might stem from family and/or job obligations, time/location constraints, or a physical disability.

This proposal focuses on developing an acute awareness of the importance of accessibility as we design and develop online curricula. The internet has opened up wonderful possibilities for communication and convenience, but for those with sight or hearing impairments, it can be very frustrating when the web content is not accessible. Accessibility to our online course components is not only a legal issue; it is also our mission as a Jesuit institution. During this fellowship, I would work with Information Resources, Discovery Services, the Learning Assistance Center and the Center for Mission and Identity to produce documents for Policies and Guidelines for Online Web Accessibility and produce research publications about the topic of accessibility in education.

The Conway Fellowship is an initiative of the Ruth J. and Robert A. Conway Institute for Jesuit Education. A significant function of The Conway Institute, within the Center for Mission and Identity, is reaching beyond the Xavier campus with pedagogical innovations communicated locally, nationally, and internationally throughout the network of Jesuit schools, colleges and universities.