Residence Halls

Brockman Hall

Located next to the Gallagher Student Center, Brockman Hall is the center of community activity for many first-year Xavier students. As one of Xavier's only residence halls exclusively designed for first-year students, Brockman offers a community living experience like no other!

Buenger Hall

Buenger Hall offers a unique living environment designed primarily for student athletes and members of the honors program. Buenger is Xavier's smallest residence hall and offers suite-style rooms for first-year and sophomore students.

Fenwick Place

As one of the newest buildings on Xavier's campus, Fenwick Place is truly a state-of-the-art living community. Over 500 sophomore students who live in Fenwick place enjoy suite-style rooms, grand views of campus from the study lounges, and Hoff Dining Commons right downstairs!

Husman Hall

As Kuhlman Hall's smaller neighbor, Husman is a close-knit community exclusively for first-year students. Located just steps away from academic buildings and Hoff Dining Commons, Husman Hall is a home away from home for many first-year students!

Kuhlman Hall

Next door to Husman Hall, Kuhlman overlooks the Gallagher Student Center and the Xavier Yard. Both first-year and sophomore students live in Kuhlman, offering a diverse community where everyone is welcome!