Xavier University Mission Statement Painting

During the summer of 2013, alumna and professional artist Holly Schapker '92 painted the Statement in Fenwick Place adjacent to the Center for Mission and Identity. The first sentence stands alone on the wall left of the Center entrance. The "X" in "Xavier" includes graphics from the Xavier family crest. A butterfly, a symbol for Christianity, hovers at the end of the sentence. The subsequent four sentences are on the right wall. The "O" in "Our [mission]" is highlighted with an Acanthus leaf, a symbol of the Heartland-Delta consortium of Jesuit universities. The leaf, with many irregular sides, shapes and directions retains a central vein that nourishes its growth. Thus "while the universities are each unique, at their core they are centered on, and grow from, the Jesuit vision of education that is more than 450 years old." Significant words in the phrase are enlarged for impact, such as "educate", "learning opportunities", "open and free inquiry," and "common good." A decorative flowering tree, used artistically by the early Jesuits, was painted above the Center door.

The current Mission Statement of the University was approved by the Board of Trustees in September 2012. A special task force, charged by the President, engaged the campus community over the course of a year in developing a renewed Statement; the previous Statement had been written two decades earlier and was eight paragraphs in length. The current Statement reads.

Quick Facts

Artist: Holly Schapker '92

Completed: August 1, 2013

Location: North entrance of Fenwick Place

Additional Notes:

  • Read more on the Mission Statement
  • The Task Force members were:
    Dr. Cynthia Geer, Childhood Educ. & Literacy
    Mr. David Johnson, Faith & Justice
    Ms. Deborah Kostoff, Biology
    Ms. Lea Minniti, International Student Services
    Dr. Debra Mooney, Mission & Identity
    Dr. Daniel Otero, Mathematics;  Co-Chair
    Dr. Timothy Quinn, Philosophy
    Dr. Sandy Richtermeyer, Accountancy, Co-Chair
    Mr. Doug Ruschman, University Communication
    Dr. Karl Stukenberg, Psychology
  • Holly Schapker's collection "ADSUM: Contemporary Paintings on Ignatian Spirituality" is on display in the Center for Mission and Identity, see here