Online Learning Resources

Dr. Elaine Crable
2012 Conway Faculty Fellow

Ignatian Pedagogy

Designing Online Business Courses Using the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm (Crable & Brodzinski, 2012)

Presented at the Eighth International Conference on Catholic Social Thought and Management Education. June 18-20, 2012; University of Dayton, Ohio


Universal Accessibility

Comprehensive Overview

   Universal Web Design: Easy Steps to Website Accessibility
   Presented at the 2013 Lilly Teaching Conference, Miami University

Best Practices

   Cornell Web Accessibility Primer 
   Checklist for Website Accessibility
   Basic Accessible Design Principles for Web Pages
   North Carolina State Accessibility Checklist Primer 
   Basic Accessibility Design Principles for Web Pages

Accessibility Training 

   Accessibility and Color Blindness
   California State University Web Accessibility Rubric
   Steps to Creating a Word 2010 Document Accessible

 Other Resources

   25 Point Checklist for Accessibility
   Accessibility Basics: A Powerpoint Presentation