Department of Mathematics

How I Spent My Summer 2020

The following Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences majors and minors spoke about their summer experiences in research, internships, REUs, and more at the Department Presentations, 9-9-20.


Mark West did summer research with professors at Xavier. Their research was in graph theory, and in the research they defined a novel type of graph.


Claire Bordenave did independent summer research about the impact of online and hybrid learning. The research is serving as her senior project as well.


Zach Lippe was an Actuarial Intern for Ameritas Life Insurance Company. He helped forecast and analyze income statements for the company as well as automated regularly executed processes.


Lauren Talbot worked in the Actuarial Product Development department of the Annuity Group at Great American Insurance Group. I spent most of my summer coding in VBA, finding ways to automate tedious processes that the department frequently has to perform.


Amy Kucera's internship with the data governance team at a bank was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  She switched to getting certified in the data intelligence technology used at the bank and is continuing work on getting certified in another data science technology.


Sophia Fahey did summer research with Dr. Catral on Sign Pattern Matrices. They spent about 8 weeks meeting on Zoom and researching the topic and making conclusions. Sophia also came back to Ohio around mid July and worked at the circulation desk at Xavier's library.


Abby Brickner did research about gerrymandering and redistricting using simulations in R with Dr. David Gerberry. Through the simulations we were able to determine a good number of mutations per simulation to give us "good enough" results.