Department of Mathematics

How I Spent My Summer 2017

The following Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences majors and minors spoke about their summer experiences in research, internships, REUs, summer STEM camp, and more at the Department Presentations, 9-13-17.

Photo of a Math conference/lecture

Patrick Gemperline

  • Senior Math/CS/Physics major
  • Physics Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at Auburn University
  • Advice: apply to all kinds of REU's
Photo of a Math conference/lecture

Jen Rustige

  • Senior Math major
  • Development Intern at the Dynamic Catholic Institute in Northern Kentucky working on "prospect research."
Photo of a Math conference/lecture

Solomon Ghberemeskel

  • Sophomore Math/CS major
  • Interned at TechPoint in Indianapolis. Going to High Performance Computing conference in November
  • Advice: Don't be afraid to ask for things. People just want to see that you're genuinely interested.
Photo of a Math conference/lecture

Mary Moesta

  • Senior Math major
  • Interned at 84.51 doing business analytics
  • Advice: Keep ears open. Only heard about 84.51 coming to Xavier though business major friends.
Photo of a Math conference/lecture

Winston Kunkel

  • Senior Math/Actuarial Science major
  • REU at Harvard University in biostatistics and epidemiology
  • Advice: Try different things: did actuarial internship two summers ago and REU last summer. Don't use same letter for all of your applications (although he got accepted into Harvard and University of Michigan REU's, so maybe it wasn't such a bad thing)
Photo of a Math conference/lecture

Katie Brugge

  • Senior Math/Computer Science major
  • REU at Muhlenberg College in combinatorics, graph theory, game theory
  • Advice: Might as well do an REU somewhere you'd like to be (i.e. somewhere that is
    near Philadelphia and NYC isn't bad)
Photo of a Math conference/lecture

Gavin Kyte

  • Sophomore Computer Science major, Math minor
  • Internship at Everything But the House
  • Advice: Just wanting a water bottle from EBTH at Xavier Job Fair turned into a great
    summer experience.
Photo of a Math conference/lecture

Kathleen Buch

  • Junior MATH/ppp-program/indexPolitical Science major
  • Internship at lobbying firm in Washington DC
  • Summer research with Dr. Gerberry on partisan gerrymandering
  • Advice: Talk to professors that you are interested in working worth.
Photo of a Math conference/lecture

Kara Schatz

  • Sophomore MATH major
  • Intern with the Noyce Program at Xavier
  • Ran STEM camps for elementary school students
Photo of a Math conference/lecture

Erik Smail

  • Senior MATH major
  • Built the fastest, most powerful railgun not owned by the government or a university
  • Developed algorithms to detect and label sounds in long audio files
  • Advice: working on projects with friends just for fun is a good idea, but getting paid
    would've been nice too.
Photo of Caitlin Schweigel with some information about her on a Presentation Slide

Caitlin Schweigal

  • Senior Actuarial Scince major
  • Actuarial intern at Milliman Intelliscript in Brookfield, Wisconsin
  • Did work in Life Insurance field