Matt Dulle ? Modification of the Colley Matrix Ranking Method, Advisor Dr. Buot


For the past thirteen seasons of college football, the BCS has been responsible for picking the top two teams to play for the National Championship in Division 1-A college football.  Due to heavy criticism, the way the BCS rankings are calculated has been changed over the years.  Currently it is a combination of human polls, and computer polls.  One of the computer polls is the Colley Matrix.  The Colley Matrix is based on the expected value of a beta distribution, and uses a system of linear equations to incorporate a team's strength of schedule.  In particular, we solve the matrix equation Ax = b, where the A matrix is determined by the game schedule, and the b vector is based on a team's overall record.  In this project, we modify the b vector to incorporate information available from game box-score data.