Xavier University Montessori Teacher Education Program


AMS/MACTE Elementary I & II (ages 6-12) Credential  Extension Program  2018 Schedule

Looking to extend your AMS/MACTE Elementary I (6-9) credential to an Elementary I & II (6-12) credential? Come join us this summer and obtain your Elementary I & II (6-12) credential extension at Xavier University Montessori Institute. This program awards an AMS/MACTE Elementary I&II (6-12) Credential, and an endorsement for grades 4 and 5 to an existing Ohio P-3 license and AMS/MACTE Elementary I Credential. See link above for schedule and additional details.


Montessori Education: A Philosophical Approach              

M,F             5pm - 8:30pm        5/7-6/7/18

Montessori Language Arts & Reading Methods (ages 6-9)   ** 

T,W,R          5pm - 8:30pm       5/7-6/7/18

Phonics Orton-Gillingham                                                    

T,R          4:15pm - 8:00pm      5/7-6/7/18

Early Childhood Montessori Methods  **                                

M,T,W   8:30am - 12:00pm  6/11-7/13/18

Montessori Math & Geometry Methods (ages 6-9)   **          

M,T,W      5pm - 8:30pm     6/11-7/13/18

ONLINE - Early Cognitive Development

ONLINE                              6/11-7/13/18


** Methods courses must be taken after or at the same time as Montessori Education: A Philosophical Approach

To Apply: http://www.xavier.edu/admission/apply.cfm

Please contact Lesley Roth, XUMI Director for further information.