Academic Honesty

At Xavier, plagiarizing, whether intentional or by accident, is a violation
of the Academic Honesty Policy.  Plagiarism can result in a failing grade,
a failing course, or expulsion from the University.

The Policy

Academic Honesty

The pursuit of truth demands high standards of personal honesty. Academic and professional life requires a trust based upon integrity of the written and spoken word. Accordingly, violations of certain standards of ethical behavior will not be tolerated at Xavier University. These include theft, cheating, plagiarism, unauthorized assistance in assignments and tests, unauthorized copying of computer software, the falsification of results and material submitted in reports or admission and registration documents, and the falsification of any academic record including letters of recommendation. All work submitted for academic evaluation must be the student's own. Certainly, the activities of other scholars will influence all students. However, the direct and unattributed use of another's efforts is prohibited as is the use of any work untruthfully submitted as one's own. Penalties for violations of this policy may include one or more of the following: a zero for that assignment or test, an "F" in the course, and expulsion from the University. The dean of the college in which the student is enrolled is to be informed in writing of all such incidents, though the teacher has full authority to assign the grade for the assignment, test, or course. If disputes of interpretation arise, the student, faculty member, and chair should attempt to resolve the difficulty. If this is unsatisfactory, the dean will rule in the matter. As a final appeal, the academic vice president will call a committee of tenured faculty for the purpose of making a final determination.

Student Handbook

Detection & Consequences at Xavier

Xavier has a subscription to the service.  Faculty can submit papers to this service and a search will detect if the paper has been plagiarized.  Students should only submit a specific paper to Turnitin once, or else they will appear to be plagiarizing themselves.

At Xavier University, plagiarism can result in a failing grade, a failing course, or expulsion from the University.

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