What are the Consequences of Filesharing at Xavier University?

Violations of copyright through filesharing and peer-to-peer networks may result in restriction of access to University information technology resources in addition to any disciplinary action that may be applicable under other University policies. Also, copyright owners or their representatives may sue persons who infringe on their copyright.

When Xavier receives a complaint from a copyright holder, we notify the individual involved and pass along any information received from the copyright holder to that individual. We do not supply any information to the copyright holder about the individual involved unless a valid subpoena is presented.

Once an individual has been identified, Xavier is compelled to respond, and to impede and prevent the filesharing. Disciplinary action can and will be taken against students caught violating Xavier policies concerning illegal downloading. Sanctions will be imposed on a case-by-case basis and may include:

  • Suspension of the student's network access
  • Mandatory interview with University personnel discussing risks of unauthorized filesharing plus assignment of a follow-up reflection paper
  • Mandatory participation in an online copyright awareness tutorial
  • Inspection of the student's computer by Information Technologies personnel to verify that all infringing material has been removed
  • Fines